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Accelerate your 3D Workflow

Effortlessly convert large point clouds, Repair low-quality meshes, and Handle CT/MRI scans.

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3D Processing Software for Meshes, Point Clouds and Voxels.

MeshInspector Use Cases

For 3D Printing

Easily employ manual repair tools or automatically repair low-quality meshes in seconds.

For 3D Scanning

Rapidly convert massive point clouds (over 1GB in size) into optimized meshes, achieving a 10x speed boost.

For Quality Control

Visually compare produced model with the original design.

For Dental

Effectively handle CT or MRI scans with high-quality volume rendering, isolate components by density, segment them, and convert them into meshes for advanced processing.

Users Testimonials

Peter Sekula

Chief of Operations | Matterfield

MeshInspector proves invaluable for 3D artists with its swift decimation and powerful Python API, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency. Its automation capabilities render it indispensable in the realms of gaming and VFX.

Daniel Gelep

3D Scanning Representative, Susteni AS

"It's the fastest program I've used so far, and I can now do 150 scans in just 2 days instead of 1.5 weeks."

Ruedger Rubbert

Chief Technology Officer, Brius Technologies Inc

"With MeshInspector MeshLib we were able to automate many of our workflow processes, thanks to its advanced, modern, and efficient dental and geometry oriented algorithms, covering many of our orthodontic-related tasks: CT and intraoral scan segmentation, voxel and Boolean operations, editing, aligning, visualization, inspection, and import/export of mesh objects. We use the versatile MeshInspector MeshLib API, both in production and R&D for fast prototyping and testing of our ideas."


July 8, 2024

New Release v2.4.2

We are excited to announce the latest release of MeshInspector, featuring significant improvements in UI/UX, registration, inspection, mesh handling, voxel processing, point clouds, save/load function...
May 28, 2024

New Release v.2.4.1

Web Application Full support for voxel tools, including Volume Rendering. DICOM loading capability added. UI/UX Enhancements Authorization in Windows desktop application via Web Browser. Improved r...
May 20, 2024

Join Us at RAPID + TCT 2024 in Los Angeles

We are excited to invite 3D printing enthusiasts and industry professionals to visit us at Booth 1851-21 during RAPID + TCT 2024, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 25 to June...
April 19, 2024

New Release v.2.4.0

New Features: Feature Detection: Introducing new capabilities to create and manipulate features including points, lines, planes, circles, spheres, cylinders, and cones. This suite of features support...
March 18, 2024

New Release v.2.3.9

UI/UX Enhancements: Redesigned Windows Installer to offer a more user-friendly experience. Web Version now prompts users for preferred default controls during setup. Revamped Web Sign-Up interface wi...
March 5, 2024

Join MeshInspector at Control 2024 - The QA Innovation Hub

We would like to invite quality assurance enthusiasts and industry professionals to stop by Booth 8004-5, Hall 8 during Control 2024, which takes place at Messe Stuttgart from April 23 to April 26. Co...


MeshInspector is entirely cross-platform and accessible on all devices through web browsers, as well as through desktop applications compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Certainly, you can accomplish that using a mobile web browser. Nevertheless, for the best user experience, we recommend downloading the desktop version after signing up.

MeshInspector supports various formats including point clouds, meshes, voxels, DICOM, and G-code:
.stl, .obj, .off, .dxf, .step, .stp, .ctm, .3mf, .model, .ply, .pts, .asc, .csv, .xyz, .e57, .las, .laz, .gtlf, .glb, .tif, .tiff, .gcode, .txt, .dcm, .raw, .vdb, .gav.

Yes. We take data security seriously. Files opened in MeshInspector’s web version are stored in the browser’s memory, while the desktop app stores them in your computer’s memory.

Yes, we offer a free trial so you can take your time to explore the application’s features. For pricing details and subscription options, please visit our pricing page.

Yes, our application supports importing and exporting 3D models, making it easy to integrate with other software in your workflow.

Our application is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experts. You can get started with basic functions and gradually explore more advanced features as you become comfortable.

Check out the solutions here for step-by-step guidance on resolving login issues. If problems persist, contact us at support@meshinpector.com for assistance.

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