About us

Our Team

MeshInspector application and MeshLib library are being developed by a team of highly experienced developers with a wealth of knowledge in CAD/CAM system development. Our key algorithmists each have over 15 years of relevant experience, and together, we bring a unique combination of technical expertise and creative thinking to the table.

In our team, we have a healthy mix of seasoned developers and young, talented minds, who together, can accomplish complex tasks with ease. For example, in MeshLib we have implemented a mesh Boolean feature that surpasses any other we have compared it to in terms of speed and accuracy. Additionally, our CT reconstruction algorithm, which is accelerated on CUDA, is a key component in CT scanning and has proven to be highly effective. Our point cloud triangulation is both fast and efficient, producing balanced and reasonable triangle sizes.

We have leveraged all of our accumulated experience in MeshInspector powered by MeshLib and are proud of the results we have achieved. The entire codebase of MeshLib is open, so you can easily test and verify the quality of our product for yourself.

Our History

The company’s roots can be traced back to the early 2000s, when members of the team worked for various international firms specializing in 3D data processing and modeling, acquiring extensive expertise in the field. In 2007, two of these experts decided to utilize their knowledge and founded a company that focused on custom software development for dental laboratories.

Over the years, a wealth of applications and automation was developed, ranging from processing optical and CT scans to designing dental restorations, generating NC toolpaths for milling and models for 3D printing. The resulting set of diverse algorithmic automation added significant value to the companies and its employees.

In 2020, we as a team realized that our knowledge and experience could be applied beyond the dental industry, and we decided to create a powerful, modern tool that could merge scan analysis, mesh processing, preparation for milling and 3D printing, and more. This led to the development of the MeshLib geometric library and the MeshInspector application, which have become popular tools used by large companies from various industries, including orthodontic firms, companies manufacturing tooling for rapid prototyping with 3D printing, and firms offering services for generating NC files for traditional milling.

About MeshInspector

MeshInspector is a versatile software designed for fast mesh repair, transforming 3D scans into solid models, and facilitating quality inspection.It can be applied in 3D printing, scan to as-built models conversion GIS&BIM, digital dentistry, CT/ MRI scans to mesh transformation, and scan/CAD compare.

MeshInspector is an all-in-one tool built upon the robust open-source 3D processing library MeshLib SDK. It is free from legacy code and is created using optimized and fast algorithms, which help achieve up to 2x faster data processing performance.

MeshInspector and MeshLib SDK were created by a highly skilled team with more than 15 years of experience in 3D software development. We are open to sharing our expertise and providing custom development services.

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