3D Data Processing Software

Repair your model for 3D printing

in a few clicks

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Inspect for 3D printing issues.

Use MeshInspector tool to quickly analyze files for potential issues and identify areas that might cause manufacturing problems.

Inspect mesh for Degenerate Faces, Self-Intersections, Short and Multiple Edges, Overhangs, Big Holes and Thin Walls.

Fix your model with one of the best triangulation algorithms.

Heal mesh from inconsistencies

When you import your STL or OBJ file, application makes sure that your model geometry is perfectly manifold, all automatically, while keeping textures.

Fill or Stitch Holes, Fix Tunnels or Undercuts, etc.

Activate Mesh Healer tool to make the surface watertight and ready for 3D printing. That’s as simple as it is!

Ensure that your model free from errors and ready for manufacturing without defects.

Brush up your model before printing

  • Move and rotate, scale and merge your objects.
  • Engrave or Emboss Text on Mesh.
  • Perform operations like Boolean, Decimation, Subdivide, Re-mesh and etc.

Make you Mesh look nice with ease!

Watch MeshInspector in Action

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