stl editor

STL editor

MeshInspector's STL Editor feature is intended to give experts a full toolkit for modifying and optimizing STL files, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and precision in 3D printing a...
STL FIle Repair MeshInspector

STL File Repair with Mesh Healer

Fixing 3D models just got simpler with MeshInspector! If you've run into issues with damaged STL files, MeshInspector STL repair software has you covered. It effortlessly tackles a...
Online step file free viewer

STEP File Viewer

MeshInspector has a free online STEP Viewer, a tool for engineers and designers to view STEP files online without the need for app downloads.Key Features Clash Detection. Identify...
meshinspector Gcode viewer online

Gcode viewer

MeshInspector has a range of tools for CNC machining and 3D printing. It works as a gcode viewer, simulator, and editor. MeshInspector is like an expert in simulating g-code, a vie...
mesh file format converter

Mesh File Format Converter

Effortlessly convert 3D models with our advanced mesh converter tool. Supported formats: .stl, .obj, .off, .dxf, .step, .stp, .ctm, .3mf, .model, .ply, .pts, .asc, .csv, .xyz, .e57...
Python Automation

Python Automation

Python automation in MeshInspector offers streamlined workflows, task automation, and enhanced customization for faster design and modeling
Inspection and measurements

Inspection and Measurements

3D inspection tools measure distance, angle, thickness, and detect collisions, aiding precise analysis and optimization in manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare industries.
Quality assurance with reports

Quality assurance and reporting

Distance compare tool ensures quality by measuring variations between models, aiding in detecting and addressing discrepancies for accurate outcomes in design and manufacturing.
Convert 3D scans to Solid

Convert 3D Scans to Solid

3D model to solid conversion turns digital representations into accurate solids, seamlessly integrating into manufacturing, simulations, and enabling precise design modifications.

Mesh Segmentation

Segment mesh tools enable to break down and analyze 3D models into distinct sections, facilitating detailed examination, editing, and refinement in design and engineering apps.

Distance Maps, Lines and G-code Editor

Distance maps analyze spatial relations, and the lines viewer/editor refines line data, improving precision for spatial analysis and design decisions.
Advanced Mesh Editing Tools

Advanced Mesh Editing Tools

3D boolean and offset tools enhance design by creating complex shapes, combining volumes, and modifying mesh structures with precision in 3D modeling and engineering.
Advanced CT, MRI Scans inspection

Advanced CT & MRI Scans Inspection

CT/MRI scan inspection aids precise medical diagnosis, supporting informed decisions for improved patient care.