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New Release v2.3.8

February 12, 2024
  • Mesh Processing Enhancements:
    • Mesh Healer improvements based on user feedback, including enhanced self-intersection fixes, less damaging decimation, and improved mesh quality through subdivision.
    • Added functionality to automatically repeat repairs three times and clear selection upon tool closure.
  • Point Cloud Processing:
    • Improved rendering efficiency by rendering every Nth point, optimizing performance with large point clouds.
    • Redesigned dialog for point triangulation with faster processing and other enhancements.
    • Faster and more precise creation of normals for points.
    • Capability to load multiple point cloud objects from a single .E57 file.
  • Search Bar Enhancements:
    • Redesigned search bar in the top right corner with enhanced usability.
    • Improved search precision and navigation, with a focus on the CTRL+F shortcut.
  • User Interaction Enhancements:
    • Automatic closure of active blocking tools when a new one is initiated, with an option to revert to the previous behavior.
    • Introduction of a new notification system for non-critical messages to minimize user disturbance.
    • Consolidated Settings dialog for easier access and management of all settings.
    • Automatic detection of flat shading on mesh file opening, with support for three default flat shading options (Flat, Smooth, Auto).
  • Web Version Enhancements:
    • Enhanced sign-in form with password protection and usability improvements.
    • Redesigned sign-up form for an improved user experience.
    • Dark theme set as the default for the web version.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Improved Measure Thickness tool with an option to subdivide the mesh for better visualization.
    • Windows installer now enables users to select file associations with MeshInspector.
    • Added options to show Normals, Local Basis, and Bounding Box from the scene tree context menu.
    • Enhanced object selection after dragging and dropping STEP files for a seamless workflow.
    • Crisp toolbar icons on Mac with 1.0 scaling for improved visual clarity.
    • Ability to load vertex colors from .OBJ files along with mesh data.
    • Numerous other UI/UX and stability improvements for an enhanced user experience.

February, 16 – a patch release fixing bugs.


MeshInspector operates smoothly on various systems. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend a standard configuration that includes a modern processor, adequate RAM, and compatible operating systems such as Windows, macOS, or Linux.

You can access previous versions of MeshInspector in our GitHub page, here is the link:

Yes, your MeshInspector web account credentials remain consistent across all versions of the application. Enjoy seamless access and convenience with a single set of login details.

Yes, there is a subtle difference between the web and standalone versions. The web version operates within the limitations set by your browser, while the standalone version offers more autonomy and functionality directly on your device.

Your MeshInspector experience primarily requires an internet connection during the initial authorization process. Once authenticated, you can seamlessly work offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and convenience.

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