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STEP File Viewer

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Online step file free viewer

MeshInspector has a free online STEP Viewer, a tool for engineers and designers to view STEP files online without the need for app downloads.


Key Features

  • Clash Detection. Identify clashes effortlessly within your model, ensuring a smooth design process.

  • Measurement. Measure distances with precision using the snapping feature for accurate design workflow data.

  • Full 3D Visualization. Immerse yourself in your STEP files with zoom, pan, 3D rotate, and various visual styles.

  • Expandable Model Hierarchy Tree. Navigate complex models seamlessly, streamlining your workflow and enhancing understanding.

  • Selection & Property Inspection. Isolate and hide selected objects for closer inspection, ensuring all aspects meet standards.

  • Section Planes. Conduct detailed model inspections using section planes to analyze designs comprehensively.

  • TreeView Plugin: Enhance model exploration and debugging with confidence and precision

Whether you’re in search of a free step file viewer online or a comprehensive online step viewer, MeshInspector provides the tools you need.

MeshInspector's user-friendly online step viewer allows you to effortlessly view step files online for free. Access the step viewer online to review, analyze and collaborate on STEP files without the need for downloads.


Yes, MeshInspector offers a user-friendly and free online step file viewer, eliminating the need for downloads.

A free online STEP file viewer provides accessible, efficient, and cost-free exploration of designs, promoting seamless collaboration. Experience the convenience of a free online step file viewer, enabling you to explore intricate designs with precision.

MeshInspector’s online step viewer ensures a hassle-free platform, enhancing accessibility and precision for engineers and designers.

MeshInspector provides a 3D .stp and .step file viewer that supports various STEP versions, including AP 242 ed.3, AP 214, AP 203, and the Domain Model (StepX), covering intricate part designs and complex assemblies.

Absolutely, MeshInspector offers a step file viewer online free of charge, making it a cost-effective solution for design exploration.

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