3D Data Processing Software

Transform point clouds into a solid model

in 10 seconds or less*

* the timing represents 1mln points triangulation on Macbook M1

Struggling with points to mesh conversion?

With MeshInspector you can save up to 40% of time previously spent on your scans processing! MeshInspector is based upon MeshLib library which boosts your productivity 10X!

Rocket-Fast Triangulation.

Triangulation algorithms maximally leverage your CPU, resulting in exceptional speed. Make the maximum use of your computing power.

Turn point clouds into meshes 10x faster.Skip waiting for dozens of scans to convert and quickly export .STL

Brush up the point cloud

• Use editor tools to remove points.
• Reduce sensor noise and smooth point cloud data.
• Sample points and reduce the point cloud density while preserving important features.
• Merge scans in point clouds.

Powerful viewer for 3D Scans

Open huge point clouds:

• .E57, .PTS, .PLY, .LAS, .LAZ formats
• >6 GB in size
• >400 million points

Put MeshInspector to the test with your files.

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