Susteni AS

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Converting 400 million points into a solid model

Company Profile:

  • Name: Susteni AS, Norway
  • Website:
  • Industry: Maritime
  • Representative: Daniel Gelep
  • Role: 3D Scanning Representative


  1. Increasing Demand for Accurate 3D Models: Susteni AS, a Norway-based company, providing services in the maritime industry, focuses on creating 3D models from point clouds derived from 3D scans. These 3D scans of ships provide valuable insights for customers, showing the real-time status of vessels and helping them adjust designs based on contracts and requirements.
  2. Challenges with the Current Solution: The process of converting the collected point cloud data into usable 3D models (mesh) was inefficient:
    • Huge volume of data: Some scans resulted in over 400 million points.
    • Software-related issues: Traditional software like MeshLab was slow and often crashed, with a single scan conversion taking about 8-10 minutes. This resulted in long turnaround times, especially for projects that demanded over 100 scans.
  3. Balancing Quality and File Size: The need for high-quality models that don’t compromise on accuracy while maintaining manageable file sizes was a constant challenge.

Solution :

Introduction to MeshInspector:

  • Discovered via a Facebook advertisement, MeshInspector appeared promising to Daniel. Following thorough testing against alternatives, MeshInspector emerged as a perfect solution.

Key Benefits:

  1. Advanced Algorithms: MeshInspector’s backend algorithms are optimized, allowing for better and faster triangulation.
  2. Multi-core Processor Support: Unlike competitors, MeshInspector utilizes the full potential of multi-core processors, ensuring speed and efficiency.
  3. Handling Large Files: The software efficiently handles huge files, a recurring need in 3D scanning processes.
“Triangulation of point clouds is 10X faster with MeshInspector compared to other solutions on the market”


  1. Dramatic Time Savings: With MeshInspector, Daniel could convert a point cloud scan into a mesh in just 10 seconds, a vast improvement from the previous 8-10 minutes per scan. This acceleration translated into significant project time savings: tasks that previously took 1.5 weeks could now be finished in just 2 days.
  2. Improved Quality: The quality of the meshes generated using MeshInspector compared to other software solutions was outstanding. The resulting files were both detailed and had manageable sizes.
  3. Financial Benefits: By leveraging MeshInspector, Susteni AS minimized approximately 30-40% of costs per project. These savings, coupled with quicker turnaround times, positioned Susteni AS more competitively in the market.
  4. Client Satisfaction: Clients benefited from receiving more accurate models faster, allowing them to make quicker decisions about their maritime projects.
  5. Better than Competitors: By utilizing MeshInspector, Susteni AS found themselves delivering superior value compared to competitors in the same space.


MeshInspector makes my job easier. We do our job faster, save money, and we have a competitive advantage over competitors. It’s a pleasure to work with MeshInspector.” – Daniel Gelep, 3D Scanning Representative, Susteni AS