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Accurate quality inspection

Our platform offers effective tools for comparing your pre-designed CAD model with the produced model scanned result.

Seamlessly Import Your Files

Effortlessly bring your CAD designs and scanned data into MeshInspector with ease. Simplify the process by smoothly uploading your pre-designed models in:

.dxf, .step, .stp, .stl, .obj, .off, .ctm, .3mf, .model.

While Meshes, Point clouds or CT scans can be uploaded in:

stl, .obj, .off, .ctm, .3mf, .model, .pts, .asc, .csv, .xyz, .e57, .las, .laz, .gtlf, .glb, .tif, .tiff, .dcm, .raw, .vdb, .gav, .ply.

Get ready for a comprehensive comparison without the hassle.

Prepare Scan Data for comparison

If the data you obtain from the scanner isn’t already a solid model, MeshInspector is the ideal solution to transform your scanned data into a solid. Our software seamlessly converts scan data into a precise solid model, giving you the accuracy you need for in-depth analysis.

Align Objects with Precision

Attain precise alignment of multiple scans with our flexible alignment options. Choose between automatic alignment or manually selecting reference points on each model, giving you the tools for accurate comparisons. Additionally, you can designate which object is considered ‘floating’ and which is ‘fixed,’ enhancing the control you have over the alignment process.

Visualize Differences

Explore the differences between two models with our innovative distance compare tool. Utilize a color distance map to meticulously analyze surface disparities such as protrusions, bulges, dents or slots. This tool empowers you to inspect the quality of your printed 3D model in comparison to the original CAD design, helping you identify even the most minor deviations to meet the highest standards.

Download PDF Reports

Access comprehensive PDF reports containing detailed information for thorough analysis. These reports provide insights into distance comparisons, visual comparisons, and average statistics, enabling informed decision-making to uphold project precision and compliance with industry standards. Collaborate effectively by easily sharing these reports with your team.

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and excellence in your 3D model quality inspection by joining us today for free, and don't settle for anything less than perfection.

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