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DICOM Viewer

View .dicom or .RAW files online

MeshInspector offers a comprehensive set of tools for viewing and analyzing DICOM files, both online and via desktop application. As a powerful DICOM viewer, MeshInspector ensures seamless interaction with medical images, making it a valuable resource for healthcare professionals.

Key Features

Open .dicom or .RAW Files

With MeshInspector, you can easily upload and view different file formats without any limitations. The DICOM viewer supports both .dicom and .RAW files, providing flexibility in medical image analysis.

Cross-Platform Solution

MeshInspector's DICOM viewer is available in both web and desktop versions. This cross-platform functionality allows you to access and analyze DICOM files online without the need of downloading and installingg the application ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux

MeshInspector's DICOM viewer is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. This makes it an ideal solution for Apple users, providing a perfect DICOM viewer for Mac. Enjoy seamless DICOM file viewing across all major operating systems.

No File Size Limitations

MeshInspector’s desktop DICOM viewer imposes no restrictions on file size, relying solely on your computer's CPU. This feature enables the viewing of large medical images without compromising performance.

Fast Image Rendering

MeshInspector is built with modern, efficient code, offering faster image rendering compared to other solutions on the market. This speed allows for smooth interaction with DICOM images, enhancing the user experience.

Volume Rendering

MeshInspector's DICOM viewer includes volume rendering capabilities. This feature isolates layers of the image based on density levels, allowing for detailed analysis of specific areas of interest within the DICOM images.

Slice Tool

The slice tool in MeshInspector enables users to section through images and view them from different angles. This functionality is crucial for in-depth examination and understanding of medical images.


MeshInspector can open .dicom and .RAW files, providing flexibility in handling different medical image formats.

Yes, MeshInspector offers a cross-platform DICOM viewer accessible via web and desktop applications.

Yes, MeshInspector’s DICOM viewer is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, making it an ideal solution for Apple users.

The desktop version of MeshInspector’s DICOM viewer has no file size limitations, depending only on the CPU capacity of your computer.

MeshInspector is designed with efficient, modern code, enabling faster image rendering and smooth interaction with DICOM images.

Key features include support for .dicom and .RAW files, cross-platform accessibility, availability on Mac, Windows, and Linux, no file size limitations, fast image rendering, volume rendering, and a section tool for detailed image analysis.

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