New Release v2.1.9

July 3, 2023


  • New Brush mode in Face Selector tool
  • Optimization of Face and Edge Selector tools by using hardware accelerated picking
  • Single polyline mode in Edge Selector tool
  • Fix Undercuts tool update: it can create printable model without fixing undercuts or fix only selected undercuts, and can choose optimal direction for base extension
  • “No Shrinkage” parameter in Re-mesh and Reduce Noise
  • Re-mesh tool improvements: add “Max Boundary Shift” parameter limiting changes on mesh boundary, preserve Selected Edges and Creases during remeshing
  • Reduce Noise for meshes: new mode for equalizing triangle areas, speed up in “via Normals” mode
  • Do not block interface on auto-login (in no splash -noSplash mode), for almost instant launch
  • Various other UI/UX improvements and stability fixes
  • Add tool library in G-Code Visualizer tool
  • Preview mode in Subdivide tool:

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