New release v2.2.7

October 10, 2023


  • Introduced the capability to open CAD .STEP files in Windows desktop version.
  • Enabled the selection of active voxels in Volume Rendering.
  • Enhanced the Registration tool to support both meshes and point clouds.
  • Implemented a notification feature to alert users about new MeshInspector releases.
  • Introduced the Mesh Healer tool, simplifying 3D printing preparation with a single click.
  • Added the Mesh Inspector tool for enhanced mesh analysis.
  • Improved the efficiency of tools for processing multiple objects, including Mesh to Points and Sample Points.
  • Enhanced the Feedback tool to clarify that submitted text will be made public.
  • Reduced the size of the web version while retaining full functionality.
  • Implemented a limit on map size in the Mesh to Distance Map tool.
  • Addressed various UI/UX issues and improved overall stability.

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