New Release v2.3.7

January 19, 2024


• Enhanced Security Measures: The Windows installer is now signed with a new Extended Validation Certificate, eliminating false security warnings.

• The Mesh Healer ribbon icon is always large and visible, ensuring easy accessibility.

• Mesh Healer Tool Upgrades: The Mesh Healer tool now automatically removes small components, unites large intersecting components and boundaries of touching components, and consistently displays Undercuts direction. Highlighting boundaries of large holes for improved visibility.

• Memory Optimization for Limited Systems: Mesh Healer/Rebuild introduces a new option to reduce memory consumption, catering specifically to systems with limited resources, such as the Web version.

• Registration Tool Advancements: The Registration tool now supports Rigid+Scale transformation with 7 degrees of freedom and features a button for automatic initial positioning.

• Undo/redo functionality now available for all actions, providing greater flexibility in editing.

• Smart detection to automatically activate Flat Shading visualization for imported meshes, streamlining the user experience.

• UI/UX and Stability Enhancements: Various improvements have been made to enhance the overall User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and stability of the application.

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