New Release v2.3.8

February 12, 2024


  • Mesh Processing Enhancements:
    • Mesh Healer improvements based on user feedback, including enhanced self-intersection fixes, less damaging decimation, and improved mesh quality through subdivision.
    • Added functionality to automatically repeat repairs three times and clear selection upon tool closure.
  • Point Cloud Processing:
    • Improved rendering efficiency by rendering every Nth point, optimizing performance with large point clouds.
    • Redesigned dialog for point triangulation with faster processing and other enhancements.
    • Faster and more precise creation of normals for points.
    • Capability to load multiple point cloud objects from a single .E57 file.
  • Search Bar Enhancements:
    • Redesigned search bar in the top right corner with enhanced usability.
    • Improved search precision and navigation, with a focus on the CTRL+F shortcut.
  • User Interaction Enhancements:
    • Automatic closure of active blocking tools when a new one is initiated, with an option to revert to the previous behavior.
    • Introduction of a new notification system for non-critical messages to minimize user disturbance.
    • Consolidated Settings dialog for easier access and management of all settings.
    • Automatic detection of flat shading on mesh file opening, with support for three default flat shading options (Flat, Smooth, Auto).
  • Web Version Enhancements:
    • Enhanced sign-in form with password protection and usability improvements.
    • Redesigned sign-up form for an improved user experience.
    • Dark theme set as the default for the web version.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Improved Measure Thickness tool with an option to subdivide the mesh for better visualization.
    • Windows installer now enables users to select file associations with MeshInspector.
    • Added options to show Normals, Local Basis, and Bounding Box from the scene tree context menu.
    • Enhanced object selection after dragging and dropping STEP files for a seamless workflow.
    • Crisp toolbar icons on Mac with 1.0 scaling for improved visual clarity.
    • Ability to load vertex colors from .OBJ files along with mesh data.
    • Numerous other UI/UX and stability improvements for an enhanced user experience.

February, 16 – a patch release fixing bugs.

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