New Release v2.4.2

July 8, 2024


We are excited to announce the latest release of MeshInspector, featuring significant improvements in UI/UX, registration, inspection, mesh handling, voxel processing, point clouds, save/load functionalities, new features, and web application enhancements. This release focuses on enhancing performance, usability, and providing new capabilities to streamline your workflow.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Performance Improvements: Enjoy 3 times less GPU memory consumption for most meshes and faster rendering.
  • Tool Window Management: Tool windows no longer overlap by default, ensuring a cleaner workspace.
  • Scene Tree Navigation: The scene tree now scrolls automatically to show the selected object on screen.
  • Distance Compare Report: Drastically reduced .PDF file size for Distance Compare reports.
  • Lighting and Texturing: Selected textured objects now display with ambient light.
  • Offset Tool: Redesigned with icons on buttons for a more intuitive interface.
  • Tool Consolidation: Pack tools for all object types are now united into one.
  • Global Basis Button: Added to the View tab for easier access.
  • Object Position Preservation: Objects retain their world position and orientation when drag-and-dropped in the scene tree between parents.
  • 3D Scene Background: Updated design for a refreshed look.
  • Download Button: Redesigned for better usability.
  • Settings Tool: New design for the Settings tool.
  • Tab Highlighting: Selected tabs are highlighted with a contrasting color, while inactive tabs are green.
  • Notification Visibility: Notifications remain unshadowed if a progress dialog is running.
  • FPS Window Toggle: The FPS window now appears with the ‘D’ key, unless it conflicts with another active tool’s hotkey.
  • General Improvements: Numerous other stability and UI/UX enhancements.

Registration Enhancements

  • Global Registration: Added a deviation palette, inscriptions on the convergence graph, and a Help button for better guidance.
  • Sample Points: Display the number of sample points in all registration tools.

Inspection and Healing

  • MeshHealer: Added an option to set thin walls tolerance for better control.

Mesh Handling

  • Brush Tool: Added hotkeys for each mode, and support for undo/redo hotkeys.
  • Patch Mode: New Patch mode in the Brush tool for quick topology fixes and bubble removal.
  • Brush Patch and Fill Holes: Added a Balanced weights option.
  • Extrude Tool: Added a numerical extrude option and other UX improvements.
  • Offset Tool: Redesigned with icons, restored Shell mode, and added an Anisotropic option.
  • Offset Tool Enhancements: Improved thickening for meshes with small self-intersections.
  • Boolean Tool: Redesigned with icons and a new option to mark cut edges as selected.
  • Per-Triangle Colors: Now supported in most tools.
  • Decimate Tool: Added a new option (enabled by default) to automatically pack the mesh at the end.

Voxel Processing

  • Mesh Adjustment: Adjust mesh based on voxels gradient at sub-voxel precision.
  • Voxel Display: Show voxel values with trilinear interpolation and normal derivative on the mesh.

Point Clouds

  • Visual Sampling Mode: Improved for various scenarios.

Save/Load Enhancements

  • Texture Loading: Load textures from .3MF files.
  • UV Maps Saving: Save texture coordinates (UV maps) in .OBJ files.
  • macOS Compatibility: Fixed loading of volumes from a number of .TIFF files.
  • .ASC File Support: Support for loading .ASC files with more than 2 million points.
  • File Overwrite Confirmation: Do not overwrite existing .MRU files without confirmation after importing objects with the same name.
  • Notification Display: Show all notifications when opening meshes from .ZIP archives.

New Features

  • Refine Button: Created a separate Refine button for easier access.

Web Application (Wasm)

  • Tool Availability: New window design for unavailable tools.
  • Embedded Gcode Viewer: New embedded gcode web-viewer.
  • Voxel Slices: Ability to save all voxel slices.

These updates bring a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience with MeshInspector. We hope you find these changes beneficial and look forward to your feedback.

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