New release v2.2.1

August 4, 2023


  • Web-version suggests downloading full featured desktop version
  • G-code Visualizer: add rotation limits, support for the command G28
  • Respect selected edges in mesh subdivision on connected components
  • Add crop option in Active voxel box tool
  • About page: update information about third-party libraries
  • Add retry button on bad connection during sign-in
  • Use Visual Studio 2019 and CUDA 11.4 for binaries creation to decrease user system requirements
  • Colors of ObjectLines can be saved in .MRU files
  • MacOS: fix an issue when opening a new installed version, the application window is hidden
  • Various UI/UX and stability improvements
  • Tool Path dialog redesigned, received new features and more visualization options like show original isolines, support for arbitrary transformations

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