New Release v.2.2.8

October 20, 2023


  • Enhanced mesh object compatibility with .3MF files.
  • Improved point cloud import/export, supporting normals and excluding deleted points.
  • The Separate Components tool now honors selected edges during separation.
  • Manual Alignment offers auto-registration adjustment for mesh and point object combinations.
  • Capture screenshots with resolutions exceeding your monitor’s capabilities.
  • New feature to remove coloring from objects.
  • Added a progress bar to the Make Normals tool for point clouds.
  • Introduced a new source type, “Selected Edges,” in the Surface Distance tool.
  • Points Info tool now enables precise selection of a specific number of closest points.
  • Enhanced toolpath quality and optimization.
  • Various user interface, user experience, and stability improvements.
  • New feature to cut a mesh along a selected path in the Geodesic Path tool.

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