New Release v.2.4.0

April 19, 2024


New Features:

  • Feature Detection: Introducing new capabilities to create and manipulate features including points, lines, planes, circles, spheres, cylinders, and cones. This suite of features supports extensive measurements and alignment options to streamline your 3D data analysis.
  • Measurement Tools Enhanced: Our Measure Distance and Measure Angles tools have been upgraded to support all new feature types, allowing for precise interaction and data extraction.

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Enhanced Display Options: Units are now displayed for all dimensional values (meters, inches, etc.) and users can control the number of digits after the decimal point for more precise data handling.
  • MacOS Enhancements: Experience the native file saving dialog with options to select output formats, improving the workflow for MacOS users.
  • 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Support: We’ve added support for the new model of 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro, enhancing navigational control within our software.
  • Operational Transparency: The UI now shows the time of the last operation, helping users track their workflow efficiency.

General Tool Updates:

  • Align Manually Tool Improvements: Numerous enhancements including the ability to select a new floating object after accepting the current one, auto-closure of the dialog after all selections, and visual differentiation of objects with different colors.
  • Registration Tool Reworked: Enhanced with support for bidirectional point pairs, improving results for Rigid+Scale transformations.

Point Cloud and Mesh Enhancements:

  • Point Cloud Tools: Introducing a redesigned Select Outliers tool with new design options and more controls, and enhancements to Flip Normals and Orient Normals for selected points.
  • Mesh Tools: New features like Union tool for combining selected mesh objects, Flat Shading post-boolean operations, interactive Flip Normal tool, and Smart Expand tool for selecting smooth regions.

Save/Load Enhancements:

  • Enhanced File Handling: Support for colors and names from .STEP files, optimized opening of .OFF files, and new options in the Image to Distance Map tool for improved functionality.

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