New Release v.2.4.1

May 28, 2024
New Release v.2.4.1


Web Application

  • Full support for voxel tools, including Volume Rendering.
  • DICOM loading capability added.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Authorization in Windows desktop application via Web Browser.
  • Improved responsiveness with numerous objects in the current scene.
  • Added support for 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse devices on macOS with the 3DxWare driver.
  • Enhanced Palette Legend with better label alignment.
  • Redesigned tools with icons:
    • Create Simple Objects
    • Select Primitives
  • Components tool now includes the number of primitives in the object name.
  • Various other stability and UI/UX improvements.

Registration Tools

  • Introduced a new Global Registration tool for high-quality alignment of multiple objects.
  • Align Manually tool enhancements:
    • Auto-orient view to the new floating object upon selection.
    • Manual movement of floating objects in the preview viewport.

Inspection Tools

  • All measurement tools now create measurement objects.
  • Added Extract Combined feature mode in Best Fit.
  • Measure Distance tool now includes the restored Snap to Vertices option.

Mesh Tools

  • Distance Compare tool enhancements:
    • Display only the top half of the palette for unsigned distances and fix zero.
    • Optional sign computation near mesh boundaries.
  • Added support for per-triangle color maps in several tools:
    • Segment Mesh
    • Geodesic Path
    • Merge
    • Surface Distance
    • Pack
    • Components
    • Smooth Boundary
  • Mesh Boolean tool now highlights object A and object B with color.
  • Smart Expand respects selected edges.
  • Flip Normals tool automatically flips all if many objects are selected or if only one component is present in the mesh.
  • Renamed Fix Undercuts tool to Extrude Base with a redesigned dialog.
  • Fill Holes tool now has an optional Fill Corners feature in the Make Bridge tab.

Point Clouds

  • Merge tool now supports point colors.
  • Notifications added when a point cloud is displayed with visual sampling.
  • Save maximum rendering points in point cloud after decreasing point count.
  • Iterative method of Points Sampling allows requesting an exact number of samples.

Save/Load Enhancements

  • Added support for more color options when loading from gltf/glb formats.

Experimental Features

  • Unified experimental features and the -develop command-line flag, making them synonymous.

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