New Release v.2.2.10

October 31, 2023


  • Import meshes from STEP (.stp) files are available on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Automatic Object Selection: The Point Selector now seamlessly switches to the currently selected object.
  • Dilate/Erode for Point Clouds: The Dilate/Erode tools are now applicable to point clouds.
  • Select Boundary Points: Introducing the new Select Boundary Points tool.
  • Revamped Sample Points Tool: Both the algorithm and user interface of the Sample Points tool have been improved.
  • Force Components for Point Clouds: A new tool, Force Components, has been added specifically for point clouds.
  • Delete Normals for Point Clouds: The Delete Normals tool is now available for point clouds.
  • Optimized Point Cloud Packing: Achieve superior compression when saving in CTM format through optimal point cloud packing.
  • Expanded Color Removal: The Remove Colors tool now supports textures, faces, and lines color maps.
  • Precise OBJ Mesh Loading: OBJ files with meshes are loaded with improved precision after transformation.
  • Eliminate Rounding Errors: Data can be saved in textual formats without any rounding errors.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The Escape key now closes active dialogs, offering a smoother user experience.
  • In-Screen Plane Rotation: Users can now perform in-screen plane rotation with Ctrl+MMB by default.
  • Numerous UI/UX and Stability Improvements: Numerous enhancements have been made to the user interface, user experience, and overall system stability.New Tool Highlight:
  • Segment Mesh Tool: This tool empowers users to select an unlimited number of vertices for segmenting meshes.

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