New Release v2.3.0

November 29, 2023


Patch Release (Dec, 13):

  • Web Version:

    • Mesh Healer tool is now available, with a caveat regarding memory limitations in 2GB environments.
    • Import .STP/.STEP files now support independent sub-objects, avoiding merging in one scene.

    Error Handling:

    • Resolved an erroneous error message when opening multiple files with non-manifoldness issues; the affected file is now correctly added to the Recent list.

    Mesh Healer Tool:

    • Resolves most short edges during decimation.
    • Now includes the ability to save object texture and colors.
    • Improved functionality to find small holes instead of focusing solely on big ones.

    Fill Holes Tool:

    • Redesigned with Fill Holes and Make Bridge tabs separated for a more intuitive experience.

    Align Manually Tool:

    • Added ICP properties for enhanced editing capabilities.

    Brush Tool:

    • Added Laplacian mode.

    Mesh Inspector Tool:

    • Recalculates only the marked fields for increased efficiency.

    Fill Holes:

    • Introduced Current Hole Metrics for better hole analysis.

    Graph Cut Segment Tool:

    • Renamed into Select Region and includes improved history tracking.

    Face Selector:

    • No longer closes on triangles deletion, enhancing user experience.

    Other Enhancements:

    • Various UI/UX improvements for a more user-friendly interface.
    • Stability improvements to ensure a smoother overall experience.

Patch Release (Dec, 7):

  • Addressed Small Holes: Implemented a solution eliminating small holes in the mesh after Point Cloud Triangulation.
  • Redesigned Dialogs: Enhanced the design of the Fill Holes and Segment Mesh dialogs for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Curvature Preferences Integration: Incorporated Curvature Preferences choice in Face/Edge Selector, Segment Mesh, and Graph Cut Segment for improved control.
  • Refined Crease Selection: Upgraded the Select Creases by Angle and Align Manually features for more accurate and efficient mesh manipulation.
  • Mesh Inspector Tool Upgrade:
    • Color-coded Issues: Mesh Inspector tool now displays different mesh issues in distinct colors for easier identification.
    • Performance Optimizations: Implemented optimizations to enhance the tool’s performance.
  • Streamlined Object Selection. Added a convenient button to select all subtree under root objects, improving workflow efficiency.
  • MacOS Touchpad Fix: Resolved the issue of object disappearance when scrolling using the touchpad on MacOS.
  • Distance Compare Tool Fix: Rectified image display problems in PDF reports generated by the Distance Compare tool.
  • General UI/UX and Stability Enhancements: Various improvements have been made to enhance the overall user interface, user experience, and system stability.


  • MeshHealer Upgrade. Now, MeshHealer not only fixes mesh issues but also reduces size while keeping the shape intact by default. You can adjust this in the “Advanced” tab.
  • Brush Tool. Use your mouse like a brush to smooth, add, or remove faces.
  • Extrude. Easily extend or create new parts of a mesh by pushing or pulling surfaces.
  • Advanced Segment Tool. Try the new “Graph Cut Segment” tool for complex mesh segmentation cases.
  • Flip Normals Tool. New tool for point clouds.
  • Fine-Tune Normals. Adjust the radius or orientation for better results.
  • Help Button. Find video tutorials easily with the new help button in each tool.
  • Bug Fixes and UI Improvements. We fixed some issues and made the interface better.

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