New Release v2.3.5

December 29, 2023


The Mesh Healer tool got a makeover, now including the Mesh Degenerations and Mesh Inspector tools that used to be separate.

Here are some key updates:

  • The web version of MeshInspector can now handle up to 4 GB of memory, doubling its previous capacity. This allows for smoother operation with larger files and more complex tasks.
  • If the web version of MeshInspector encounters a major issue, like running out of memory, it now displays a message instead of abruptly stopping.
  • Mesh Healer and Offset tools are now available in the web version.
  • Opening STEP/STP files in the web version is now quicker on slow internet connections, thanks to data compression.
  • Desktop sign-in is now more seamless, as it remembers your email and automatically retries if the internet connection is unstable.
  • The Brush tool has undergone significant improvements since the last release, with the removal of the standalone Laplacian Brush tool.
  • The Align Manually tool has advanced settings that are now visible, and a new Auto Position button has been added.
  • Various adjustments have been made to enhance the interface and overall performance.

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